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Hi there

Welcome to The Oil Connection

We love our plant based life choices and having a healthy relationship with food is a number one choice, we love it enough to ‘show and share it’ but that’s not our only choice. dōTERRA therapeutic essential oils, complementary therapies, mindfulness, spirituality it’s all in the pot!

Together we can create

A Change In Our Culture

We recognise when like minded people come together then powerful things can happen; so many people are already working together to influence change. When faced with acute or chronic disease people want to be clear on the healthcare choices that are available to them and essential oils have a huge role to play in this.

I know that families can become more self reliant when it comes to well-being. It takes education and time and effort to change a lifestyle.

Being healthy is about the foods we eat, the hours we sleep, the type of exercise we follow, the supplements we take, the people we spend time with and the natural therapeutics we use. We are here in the public domain to guide you and help you to understand about the new choices you can make to improve your lifestyle. Ultimately every-body has to discover for themselves what it is that keeps them from where they want to be, I know that natural remedies including essential oils facilitate that process.

Our mind body and soul are one and as individuals we are walking through this earth evolving into our uniqueness and as you feel  it you will find your lifestyle.