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As you navigate through our website you may be inspired by the benefits of using essential oils and living a healthier lifestyle. In addition you may find yourself asking one of these questions…How can I feel better? How can I eat better? How can I use these oils with my family? How can I begin my essential oil business? How can I incorporate these into my current practice?

If you do then ask away we would love to hear from you.

Partnering with Us

You will be part of a team who LOVE the essential oils and are passionate about changing people's lives and making a difference.

Professional Team

We have a team of professional, experienced and knowledgeable people that are prepared to teach and support you in your business.

Classes & Teaching Material

We provide bite-size learning with bi-monthly business training anywhere in the country, as well as free resources to all of our builders. This would include; videos, images, articles, workshop material and much more.

You can also be apart of our Additional Business Training, which has been built from years of running our own successful businesses. These classes will help you springboard you own businesses providing you with the tools necessary for success.

We will teach you how to use doTERRA essential oils confidently topically, aromatically and internally. You’ll also receive access to doTERRA corporate training.

Business suitable to you

Regardless as to whether you are new to essential oils or qualified in the use of essential oils we offer a business model that can be aligned to individual circumstances.

Financial independence is a process and we show you how to reach whatever your ‘financial independence’ represents.


Additionally you can become part of an organisation that is collaborating to promote wellness events and to raise the profile of natural living to empower families so they have choices in their wellbeing.