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Our Story

A journey, a vision

Jennie & Steve

A Joint Vision

We have always had this idea in our minds  that one day we would be living in our own home in the middle of a few acres of land and our children and their families would be somewhere near us. Taking care of people comes easy when you have raised a large family, so when we realised that doTERRA essential oils could benefit our family and others we were on it. I have a background in Homeopathy, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and we are both raw food chefs and alkaline practitioners so I guess a chilled life in a field sounds good. Especially if it takes Steve away from his engineering company.

Steve loves desserts and so he has created delicious recipes that are delicious, unnatural sugar free and all plant based. This is down to his engineering mind he sees ingredients as a chemistry set. (How cute is that, men love toys). Adding different ingredients together and coming up with a dessert that everyone enjoys feels good to him, he tells me he puts a lot of love into those recipes. Steve is fairly conventional about some things and I am not really like that, sometimes non – conforming is easier  for me. My mind is often exploring solutions to challenges or coming up with a creative idea that can empower others. I am not so methodical like Steve, I am more spontaneous and love to go with my creativity.

We both believe that making decisions is about connecting to our intuition, conscience or spirit. People have different interpretations of what that means but our decisions are made on what we feel is right for us as individuals or as a couple. When I was diagnosed with cancer in July 2016 it felt right to make the decision to say no to chemotherapy because it was a decision I have always believed I would make. My background of natural therapeutics also empowered me to make this decision because I trusted in what I felt. It wasn’t because I knew the outcome, it was faith and fear all rolled into one and it worked for me I did  achieve ‘spontaneous remission’ without medical intervention!

We realise that disease internationally is spiralling out of control and we created The Oil Kitchen as a direct result of  knowing that nutrition is fundamental to good health. Following a plant based lifestyle alongside the use of essential oils and other therapeutics enabled my body to recover. Now we have an opportunity to encourage others to believe in what they feel, to make lifestyle decisions based on intuition and to create a way forward so people can leave behind what doesn’t serve them. It starts with education and experience, knowing how to create a plant based lifestyle is fundamental to good health and using essential oils as your family medicine cabinet will enable you to do what we have done, taken responsibility for our healthcare. Steve felt  it would be unfair for him to be eating differently to me and made his changes. He is amazing and so are his cheesecakes, especially his beetroot one! As raw food chefs we love what we do and Steve has some really scrummy dessert recipes that satisfy any of the ‘sugarholics’ out there.

It all sounds so black and white as I write it, but actually it has been the hardest challenge we have ever been through. It was a shock for us both because Steve had already lost a wife called Kim when he was twenty nine and he wasn’t prepared to face losing me. He was and is incredible and has walked this journey with out complaint supporting me throughout it and never giving up. After I researched the scientific evidences on essential oils and cancer they were even more so part of my daily regime. We recognise that we were fortunate to understand the benefits and power of pure essentials oils prior to my diagnosis and see them as a gift to mankind.

I guess The Oil Connection has evolved out of love and appreciation to those who helped me walk through the rubbish in my head, those we work with, for everything we went through, and for our vision and other peoples. This enables us to share some gratitude, support, knowledge and experience. Through our experiences as an organisation we have met many people who are suffering with acute and chronic conditions needlessly. We feel inspired by others including doTERRA to promote the transparency of treatments which are available in the complimentary field.

The bit we love is where we are right now, present and creative this is now a big part of our future.You are welcome to join us and discover what plant-based living means, to cook with us, to learn how to use essential oils, to attend workshops or wellness days, experience our delicious food or own your own essential oil company. Or you can just bring ‘you’ to the table and we can see where we can collaborate.


The Oil Connection

Our mission

In 2014 we decided to partner with dōTERRA because the company’s vision and ethics aligned with ours. dōTERRA’s mission ‘to have a healer in every home’ is a powerful statement. This totally resonates with our belief that people should have an informed choice when making decisions regarding their health.

Drawing upon the experience of professional therapists, individuals and families enables everybody to learn, sustain, change, influence, create and inspire; so people will have the tools, the confidence and the knowledge to improve their lifestyle.