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Welcome to The Oil Academy

Start learning about something you love.

The Oil Academy is your place to connect with a community that invites people to learn about and experience doTERRA essential oils, from a beginner’s perspective.

Take control of your holistic wellbeing

At The Oil Academy our goal is to raise the awareness of essential oils alongside other practices as well as how to use oils daily in the home. Regardless as to whether your knowledge is basic or more advanced, we teach from a collective experience and we have an abundance of people willing to support your interest in creating a more informed holistic lifestyle.

Discover an alternative medicine cabinet

Through The Oil Academy, you will come to understand why therapeutic essential oils are the ‘alternative medicine cabinet’ and why people are more empowered now than ever before in the use of oils. You will be amazed at the diversity of uses and of course be nurtured through the  use them topically, aromatically or internally.

3 Reasons To Connect To The Oil Academy

A simple way to learn about your wellbeing