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The Oil Community is your opportunity to connect with the idea that doTERRA essential oils are fast becoming the ‘number one go to’ for well-being in the home. They are safe to use in three ways topical, aromatic and internal. With the qualification of 100% Certified Therapeutic Grade over eight million people across the world have come to understand how they can take their families healthcare into their own hands using the doTERRA essential oils.

Take control of your holistic wellbeing

Our goal is to raise the profile of how to use essential oils in the home through classes, one to one contact and networking.Regardless as to whether your knowledge is basic or more advanced we teach from a collective experience. We work with others who practice mindfulness, nutrition, meditation and all things natural. The way to strengthen the complimentory sector is through collaboration so we encourage well-being giving confidence and empowering others with a choice in their healthcare practice.

Discover an alternative medicine cabinet

Through The Oil Academy, you will come to understand why therapeutic essential oils are the ‘alternative medicine cabinet’ and why people are more empowered now than ever before in the use of oils. You will be amazed at the diversity of uses and of course be nurtured through the  use them topically, aromatically or internally.

3 Reasons To Connect To The Oil Community

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