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Welcome to The Oil Kitchen

An introduction into the world of healthy living through the use of essential oils in plant-based recipes.

We want you to discover a new confidence in the kitchen, to be intuitive with food and to connect with your creativity. We want you to enjoy the abundance of fruits, veg, seeds and anything else that comes from the ground.

Family wellbeing matters

We know that the foundation of good health is derived from the quality of the foods we eat. We are a plant based family and we are ready to share our experiences of how to create good recipes that the family can enjoy. Motivated by a diagnosis of cancer was enough to reset our values and catapult us into a new and enlightened journey where we are able to teach others about living an authentic life and a relationship with food that is a journey of love and discovery.

Knowledge and resources

We believe this change starts in the heart of the home “The Kitchen”. A healthy lifestyle is achieved through the use of practical knowledge, experience and the act of living consciously. At The Oil Kitchen we are excited to signpost people to a number of useful resources  to help you on your path to living well, The Oil Kitchen features a hub full of recipes, nutrition advice  and dedicated food workshops and events.

Visit our Blog for some recipe exchanges all plant ingredients and created from our hearts with love and intention.

Steve & Jenny, your commitment to feed us healthy wholesome foods this weekend was incredible! Thank you for all the deliciousness & your energy!

— Lindsay

Inner Guidance Retreat Attendee

Steve & Jenny, Thank you for bringing your wholesome healthy food into my life for the weeknd, I will be trying some recipes out at home!

— Jan

Inner Guidance Retreat Attendee

With love and so much gratitude for being so amazing in the kitchen, rising above limitations to deliver us with an endless abundance of delicious food! Thank you!

— Claire

Inner Guidance Retreat Organiser